dengan pemilik anjing lainnya yang lebih suka memelihara anjing di rumah, Kelly
Lund asal Colorado justru menginginkan anjingnya yang bernama Loki menikmati
alam bebas, sama sepertinya. Maka ia pun selalu mengajak Loki berpetualang, dan
sepertinya alam telat mengikat erat bersahabatan antara mereka berdua.

Uncomplicated relationship The pair are inseparable and regularly explore the great outdoors without putting Loki on a leash

Man and wolf Loki is known as a low-content Wolfdog which means he possesses more dog genes than wolf but has the stature and size of a wolf that would be found in the wild

Formidable Loki is able to cope with a range of weather conditions and terrains due to this Arctic Wolf genes

Friendship Four dogs and four friends enjoy the spectacular scenery aroundMoki Dugway whilst keeping warm round a camp fire

Well I guess we wont be swimming Loki and Lund look out over Lake Tahoe

Wild nights chasing jackrabbits and eating camp food Loki keeps warm by a fire during a camping trip in Powderhorn

Totally unaware of destinations timelines and gas money Just here for the ride This picture was uploaded on to Lokis popular Instagram page

Discovering Loki explores a wooden shack discovered during a hiking trip in Jefferson Colorado

He regularly accompanies Lund when he goes skiing or snowboarding

At one with nature Lund regularly takes two-year-old Loki camping and hiking where he can roam off a leash

In the wild Loki looks at home in the wilderness during one of his explorations in Colorado

Duckling lifeguard on duty nofloatiesnoproblem nopoopinginthepond Loki balances on a tiny post on a trip in Denver

Loki looks at home in the dramatic Utah hinterland as he takes a quick nap after a hard day exploring

Lokis adventures can be followed on his Instagram page which currently has over 378000 followers

Best friends Loki the Wolfdog relaxes in a hammock with owner Kelly Lund during one of their outdoor adventures in Evergreen Colorado