Semua anjing lucu dan menggemaskan, tak terkecuali anjing campuran English Bulldog dan Shar-Pei, atau biasa disebut Bull-Pei. Tetapi dua saudara Bull-Pei bernama Watson dan Sherlock ini, selalu saja Watson yang dianggap lebih jelek. Tapi meski demikian Watson selalu menarik perhatian siapapun karena tingkahnya yang menggemaskan. Tahu kan yang mana Watson?

"We am BOTH cool. Just like Liam and Chris Hemsworth - two brudders who always both dead sexy dummy!"

"Ouch! We are standing right next to each other. It's like me invisible."

"Geez do you not see all deez wrinkos? Very much the same. This not Kim and Khloe situation here."

"No! Look at meeeee! My dead when you pretend shoot me (never shoot me for real!!) Watson no get commands! Him whines, cries, and expects to be carried through life. Him the male-model of the dog kingdom."

"Yeee, it’s like hearing someone tell Katherine Jackson that Tito is important too right after gushing over Michael being greatest ever."

"Me his best friend! Sure him like running with some other dogs but him always comes home with me."

"What’s my problem? YOU! I AM NOT SECOND BANANA!!"

"If by sweet you mean super dum. Like getting stuck under couch every day."

"Finally! Yes, we are a team, see? Brother until the end."

"Umm, hello! Me exotic too! Almost no one on PLANET seen a dog that looks like me!"

"Everyone so excited to see Watson. Guess what, him have too many wrinkos on eyes. Him can’t even see you."