Urusan ke dokter sih, orang aja kadang takut, apalagi kucing. Bedanya mereka gak bisa mengutarakan ketakutannya, jadi keliahatan dari tingkahnya saja yang kalau boleh jujur sih mereka gak mau diperiksa dokter, apalagi sampe disuntik….  gak mau deh *#%$#@!!

Took My Cat To The Vet

Little Bob Desperately Hiding At The Vet

I Also Took My Cat To The Vet

My Cat Was Afraid Of The Vet So He Hid

Took My Cat To The Vet Today This Was The Best Hiding Place He Could Find

My Cat Doesnt Like The Vet

This Cat Trying To Find An Escape

Where Is Gobbolino  Cant Find Him

My Boyfriends Cat Hiding From The Vet

If The Vet Cant See Me She Cant Give Me A Shot Right Mom

My Cat Is Scared Of The Vet

The Vet Cant Find Me Now

It Took 10 Minutes To Get Him In The Kennel To Take Him To The Vet Now we cant get him out of it