Beberapa jenis anjing memang terlahir “raksasa”, bukan dalam arti sebenarnya lho yaa.. Tapi dibanding dengan ukuran anjing kebanyakan, jenis anjing great dane, bernese mountain, newfoundland, english mastiff, dan beberapa lainnya sangatlah besar menyerupai ukuran beruang! Namun perilaku mereka tetap saja anjing, sehingga tak jarang minta digendong, dipeluk atau dipangku pemiliknya tanpa sadar bahwa body mereka “over dosis” :XD

 This cuddly St Bernard clearly thinks it's a lapdog as it tries to lay across its owner on the sofa

This large dog looks like it may be on a visit to the vets and is looking for some reassurance from its owner

The same goes for this Irish wolfhound, who attempts to sit in a chair next to its owner

Despite his size, this fluffy malamute still likes to  be picked up by its owner - but with a breed which can reach a weight of up to 41kg, that's no easy task

These two old English sheepdogs can't bear to be without their owner and try to hitch a ride on his motorbike

This sleepy-looking great dane tries to get into bed with its owner, but crushes them in the process

These two dogs look as confused as each other - while there's plenty of room for the smaller dog in the Irish wolfhound's bed, the same can't be said for his canine counterpart

This long-legged hound appears to have tried to fit into a cat carrier, confused on his species altogether

You can barely see this Bernese mountain dog's owner behind the pooch sitting on her lap

After being away from her mastiff, Instagram user Celaines91 posted this photo of the dog sitting on her lap

This dog looks the picture of happiness as it hugs its owner with the sun drenching his face

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